The Gout Diet

The Gout Diet – Foods that cause gout and foods that do not.

Did the doctor tell you that when you have gout you should not eat this, and not to eat that?

A whole range of food are available in the market nowadays, but what is sad about it is not all these are good for us. This is most especially true for people who have gout. A lot of types of foods that cause gout are to be avoided.

There are many foods that your Doctor may tell you must be purged totally from your diet. These usually comprise of the following.

Many doctors say to avoid these foods if you have gout:

– Alcohol (beer most of all)- Sweet breads- Anchovies- Venison- Veal- Smelt- Liver- Cod- Mackerel- Salmon- Herrings- Bacon- Peas- Beans- Lentils- Asparagus- Mushrooms- Turkey- Haddock- Yeast- All fried foods- Hearts- Meat gravies- Offal- Meat extracts- Kidney- Cooked spinach- Rhubarb- Cauliflower- Baked goods- Sardines- Mussels- Scallops- Trout- Bullion- Goose- Crabs- Shrimps- Haddock- Caffeine (Coffee included)- Cream- Ice cream- Oatmeal and other whole grains- White flour- Aspirin (A pain killer alternative you can use is Ibuprofen)- Pastries

You are most likely unsure what you can still eat after analyzing the list. It may give the impression like you have nothing else to consume but it really isn’t that hard to find other stuff to eat on the gout diet. Just do research for recipes and simple foods you can chomp on without having to worry about that vicious excruciating gout pain. Eating the right foods will help you prevent the one thing you dread, that painful feeling of gout.

Now that we have looked at what we should not eat… lets look at what may be okay to eat.

Below is a listing of what people who experience gout can actually eat and help them manage their gout attacks.

It is OK to eat these foods on the gout diet…

– CHOCOLATE (hooray to all chocolate addicts) – strawberries and raspberries (dark berries aid in the reduction of inflammation and lowers uric acid.- cherries- celery- tomatoes- cocoa- purified water (make sure its not chlorinated)- kale- parsley- cabbage and all those other green leafy vegetables- pineapple- red cabbage- red bell peppers- tangerine- oranges- low fat dairy products- carbonated drinks- Essential fatty acids (ex. Flaxseed)- foods high in bromine- Tofu (a good alternative to meat)

This food to eat list may seem quite short for people who have to eat at least three times a day, but in the long run its for your health anyway. If you don’t want to experience that painful gout arthritis you should consider to eat what is actually good for you.

Just remember, your diet must involve high complex carbohydrates, foods low in protein, and it must have no more than 30% calories from fat. Essential fatty acids are great anti-inflammatory so you might want to make sure this is included in your diet by taking a distilled, highest quality pure fish oil. We do and we give this brand our highest recommendation.

Maintaining an ideal weight

Staying in shape can help eradicate the possibility of having gout attacks since people who are overweight and obese are a likely candidate to these at attacks. On top of the pain this individuals can have more complications that will impede a healthy and productive life.

Exercise is one of the top best things you could do to be hale and hearty. In order to maintain the proper weight you need to watch your diet, understand your foods, and know which ones will increase your chances to have complications.

Eventually you will find that you really do not need that bacon cheeseburger you are holding on to.

Remember your health and well-being is a very important thing. Be well. Health is wealth. Consult your doctor and follow your doctor’s advice. Eat healthy foods that are on the gout diet and avoid the foods that cause gout. You’ll be glad you did.









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