Most Accurate Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are a sure way to answer the question, “Am I pregnant?”

Thanks to the Internet, women who wish more privacy may buy FDA approved home test kits online and have them delivered to their mailbox in discreet packaging.

Many different brands are available for sale at your local retail store and online. Some work better than others. Which are the best and most accurate pregnancy tests?

Popular brands on the market include e.p.t., First Response, ClearBlue Easy, Answer, hCG, Babycheck, Surecheck, Predictor, Accuclear, Persona and Ovatel.

There are also private-labeled brands that are often on sale at low prices. Which are excellent? Which may not be the most accurate pregnancy tests?

Many at-home pregnancy tests claim 90 to 99% accuracy but these claims may not reflect conditions of the first days after a missed period.

In other words, they may be that accurate but only when a woman is further along in the pregnancy, not in the first days. With most brands, to get an accurate reading it may be necessary to wait a week or more after the missed period.

Studies of pregnancy tests were conducted at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque and reported in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Researchers found that for early detection of pregnancy, most tests were not sensitive enough on the first or second day after a missed period. The claims of some tests were described as “misleading” by study author Dr. Lawrence Cole.

Out of 18 brands tested, the most sensitive test on the first and second day after a missed period was First Response Early Result. It appeared to detect pregnancy in 95 percent of women.

The second most sensitive test was Clearblue Easy. In a follow up study it appeared to detect 80 percent of pregnancies.

Other tests only seemed able to detect 16 percent of “early” pregnancies, but became more effective over time, as more days had passed.

* Reference: Cole, Lawrence, et al. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The more sensitive the test, the earlier you can get an accurate pregnancy test result.

One of the most sensitive tests is made by the people at the Early Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests website. They have some of the highest hCg of any tests on the market. See their comparison chart for proof.

Many women suffer from stress wondering if they are pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests that don’t work for the first days after a period may only serve to add to their stress.

The two tests that seem to offer the earliest answer, according to the researchers at this University study, are (1) First Response Early Result, or (2) Clearblue Easy.

Most regular-strength tests work well after a week or more and are fine if is not in a hurry to know as soon as possible whether you’re pregnant or not.

Of course the most accurate pregnancy test of all is the blood test done at your doctor’s office.

If your pregnancy test indicates that yes indeed, you are expecting, there are three steps you can take to help insure the health of your baby.

First, stop drinking alcoholic beverages. There is the possibility that too much alcohol in your system could contribute to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This can cause birth defects including mental retardation. FAS is easy to prevent by abstaining from alcoholic beverages while pregnant.

Second, begin taking a daily prenatal vitamin supplement that includes folic acid. It is important for both mother and baby and should be taken before, during and after pregnancy. It is important for you and your baby to be sure you are getting enough folic acid, calcium, iron, zinc and other vitamins and minerals.

Third, stop eating anything that contains soy or soy milk or soy bean oil. Soy can have estrogenic effects on the body, that’s why women drink soy milk during menopause, but that’s also the reason why pregnant women should avoid soy completely. If you are trying to conceive, avoid soy.

And always talk to your doctor about your pregnancy at your earliest convenience.









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