Tummy Exercises

The tummy exercises secret is… to add cardio.

The top tummys in town are not built by crunches alone.

There are plenty of exercises to flatten your stomach and trim your waistline, but they only work if you also do cardio exercise too.

Cardio is the secret added ingredient to ab workouts.

Many abdominal exercises are great, but our abs are hiding under our belly. So while we are doing tummy exercises we must also be doing fat burning workouts.

It is no good to have firm abs muscles if they are hidden under a jelly belly.

So the best tummy exercises routines combine both tested and proven to work tummy exercises and cardio exercises. That way you tighten and tone the tummy, while also shrinking and melting away excess weight on the waistline.

You can do ab workouts first and then run on a treadmill or go for a walk or bike ride.

Another option is to do ab workouts and then join in with an aerobics exercise class.

The problem is when you try to do stomach exercises after cardio. You may be too tired to work your abs. Do the abdominal workouts first.

One of the best workouts that helps both of these needs is the humble jump rope. Used by boxers, Olympic athletes, famous sports stars, etc. You can get a jump rope for a few dollars.

Another exercise that exercises the abs and gives a cardio workout at the same time is the eliptical trainer. Test drive one of these machines and pay attention to how your stomach muscles feel. Whew!

You are busy moving your arms and legs, yes, but your waistline is also getting a workout. You’ll feel it. This combines cardio exercises, leg exercises, butt exercises, and tummy exercises. All in one workout.

These machines are awesome. Call some gyms around your area and ask it they have these available. Unlike the inexpensive jump rope, these machines cost a chunk of change.

You can also get one on the Internet if you have the budget for it.

What if your budget is tight? Well no problem you can get an inexpensive exercise ball. There are all kinds of exercise ball exercises you can do at home.

The point we want to make here is that a big secret of tummy exercises is to include cardio and get your lungs and heart working. Raise your metabolism and burn belly fat.

It is fine to flex your stomach muscles every day while you are sitting at your desk. That helps your tummy. But to really get super sexy abs you have to do cardio.

You can also check on Craigslist for people who are giving away a free treadmill or selling one for a very low price. One person we know got a treadmill for $50 from someone who was moving away and didn’t want to bring it along… nobody bought it at the garage sale so they just gave it away.

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Now that you know you must include cardio, here is how to focus on your abdominal muscles. Visit your tummy flattner exercises resource page. It is complete with photos of exercises in action, machines, exercise balls, gadgets and gizmos, you name it.









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