Tummy Flattner Exercises

Tummy flattner ab exercises are among the best abdominal exercises for women that can help you get a trim, flat stomach. In fact these are the most effective lower ab exercises you’ll find. That’s why we call them tummy flattner exercises, because they do just that. They can help flatten your stomach fast. They’ll work if you work.

Ready? Let’s go. The first two ab exercises include one you can do at the gym and one you can do at home.

The workout at the gym is done on a piece of equipment for vertical knee raises. The other is done on an exercise ball or a pillow at home – or you and a friend can each get an exercise ball do the tummy flattner exercises together at the gym.

The vertical knee raise exercise is very simple. You step into the station and face out. Place your back against the pad. Next, put your arms on the rests and grip the handles. Your feet are supporting you and you are at rest, ready to exercise.

Now you slowly lift your knees towards your chest, hold for a moment and then slowly lower them again. Rest a second and repeat.

The key is to go slowly. You will feel this in your tummy muscles right away.

This was said to be a favorite exercise of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Don’t overdo it on the first try. Later in the day you will feel the pain.

Slowly work this into your routine and you?ll soon feel your ab muscles tightening and toning.

If you can’t get to the gym you can still do vertical knee raises at home.

When doing knee raises at home you can either buy one of the lower cost vertical knee raise stations for about US$150 (we like the one that is made to fit in a corner of the room, out of the way); or get a set of ab slings for about $50.

Ab slings hook onto a chin up bar. You place your elbows into them and hang on to the straps with your hands. Then you do your vertical knee raises.

You don’t get the stability or the back support of a VKR station however. But with a little practice, ab slings can work well for you.

The exercise ball tummy flattner exercise is also simple. You can use an exercise ball or a cushion.

There is also an ab pillow made just for this purpose (see photo below).

Just put your bottom on the ball or pillow, place both feet flat on the floor about a foot apart, and then lean back onto the ball or pillow. Comfy?

Great, now comes the un-comfy part. Slowly raise your torso a little ways, just one third up or so. Feel the crunch?

The third tummy flattner exercise is a simple one you can do anywhere. You can do it at home, in a hotel room, at the beach, you name it.

This is the simple leg lift.

You lay on your back, on the floor on a mat, and lift your legs a few inches off the mat. Hold your legs up for as long as you can. You may remember this torture from your physical education classes at school. It worked then and it will work now. Rest and repeat. It will work if you work.

This is one of the best abdominal exercises for women because it also tones the legs and the glutes. It is one of the great “butt exercises” as all the women’s fitness magazines are calling glute workouts in common terms these days. This exercise not only works your abs but can help lift, tone and shape up your buns.

We also highly recommend these health food secrets to get a flat tummy fast! This works so well it is like a miracle.

Finally you must also stop one exercise, that is the exercise of your chewing muscles. Cut back on sugar, wheat and vegetable oil food intake. You can do tummy flattner exercises all day but that alone will not remove fat from your waistline. To get rid of the fat you must cut back on the wrong calories and increase eating the right calories. Yes folks, eat less and exercise more.

Something that may help is this excellent supplement that provides natural energy. We have taken this ourselves and can attest to the fact that it did give us lots more energy, and we had far less hunger cravings between meals. More energy and less appetite is what we wanted and that is what we got. We love this product. (As a disclaimer we have to day that specific results are not typical for everyone and your results may vary.)

Taking a daily walk is a good habit to get into. Some people walk on their lunch hour. An exercise bike can do wonders. You can even ride it while watching television.

Changing your eating habits is just something that has to be done if you want sculpted abs. Read our other pages about diet and nutrition for more help on this.

Note: Don’t do these tummy flattner exercises if you have recently had a baby or are experiencing early signs of pregnancy. Talk to your doctor before beginning a tummy exercise program. Of course if you had a Caesarian section birth, you will have to wait until you are healed before putting any strain on your tummy with tummy flattner exercises.












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